ologen Collagen Matrix useful in controlling fibrosis response from Strabismus surgeries, new study finds.

A new Brazilian case report follows a 68 year old patient suffering from convergent strabismus for 11 years, who then underwent strabismus surgery with ologen Collagen Matrix to control post-operation fibrosis, which limits the efficacy of the surgery itself. The surgery was successful and the authors concluded “It is not possible to affirm that the improvement was due to the use of ologen, but we believe it helped since duction limitation improved when the fibrosis was removed.”

Citation: dos Santos Martins, T., de Azevedo Costa, A., Centelhas, A. and dos Santos Martins, D. (2017). Use of biodegradable collagen-glycosaminoglycan copolymer matrix implant to reduce postoperative fibrosis in strabismus surgery. Taiwan Journal of Ophthalmology, 7(4), p.227.

Conflicts of interest: The authors reported no conflict of interest in the completion of this study.

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