AAE Holds Successful ologen™ Symposium at WOC 2012

AAE Holds Successful ologen™ Symposium at WOC 2012



Aeon Astron Europe B.V. (AAE) successfully held symposium entitled “A Replacement for MMC? – ologen™ Collagen Matrix for Tissue Repair” in World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC) 2012 at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in Feb-19-2012 (Sunday), 09:00~10:15 am. ologen™ Collagen Matrix was showcased as an potential alternative to Mitomycin C (MMC), and more than 100 people attended the symposium.

Dr. Robert Ritch from Glaucoma Associates of New York addressed at the opening of the symposium to highlight the significance and benefits of ologen™  Collagen Matrix over MMC. Prof. Salvatore Cillino featured updates on ologen™ Collagen Matrix as comparable but safer alternative to MMC in a two year randomized study. The symposium came to climax with Dr. Steven Sarkisian’s showcase highlighting techniques that enables successful ophthalmologic surgeries. Prof. Zaher Sbeity further showcased use of ologen™ Collagen Matrix in revision surgery and Dr. P. Sathyan & Prof. B. Sridhar Rao featured practical experiences & opportunities of ologen™ Collagen Matrix in saving long term medical costs in developing countries. With ologen™ Collagen Matrix becoming an increasingly essential alternative to MMC, the symposium gave participants an insights into the critical issues affecting the medical professionals, patients, as well as opportunities and challenges in facing newer and safer alternative to benefit patients without MMC.

ologen™ Collagen Matrix was in the spotlight at WOC 2012, as papers, instruction course and video were presented throughout the exhibition period. Scientific programs featuring ologen™ Collagen Matrix at WOC 2012 are listed below. (Click to see more photos of the events.)
l   ologen™ Implants in Revision Filtering Surgery: Is it Useful? By Dr. Zaher Sbeity
l   Recent Advances in Glaucoma Surgery: ologen™ Collagen Matrix Implant (Dr. Steve Sarkisian)
l   Managing Glaucoma in Developing Countries: Efficacy of ologen™ Matrix implant in Jordan (Dr. Wisam Shihadeh)
l   Cornea and Ocular Surface Diseases: Pterygium Surgery: How to Avoid Recurrence (Dr. Khalil Errais)

Video Presentation:
l   Combined small incision cataract surgery & trabeculectomy with ologen™ implant (Dr. Tejaswini Walimbe, India)
l   Deep scelerectomy with ologen™ implant (Dr. Ahmad Shobaki, Jordan)
l   Type-II collagen matrix (ologen™) implant with trabeculectomy-control 2 chambers with one sponge (Dr. Sathyan Parthasarathi, India)

An exhibition was also held concurrently to show visitors the products and services offered under ologen™ brand by AAE. We are delighted of ologen™  exhibition and symposium as positive comments and praises were received from the experts of the industry, said Mr. Michael H.J. Lai, the Chairman and company CEO.

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