ologen™ Collagen Matrix Implantation is viable to assist Treatment of Scleromalacia after Periocular Surgery.

A long-term study conducted in South Korea with a total of 26 areas of 25 eyes in 25 patients were carried out. Post-operative follow-up of 8-12 months concluded that no eyes showed recurrence or specific complications related to Ologen such as implant extrusion or allergic reaction. Minor complications such as flap vessel engorgement and flap hypertrophy were easily treated.
Han et al. concluded that the combined surgery of may be an effective and safe procedure for the treatment of scleromalacia after periocular surgeries.

Citation: Han et al. Conjunctival Flap with Biodegradable Collagen Matrix Implantation for the Treatment of Scleromalacia after Periocular Surgery. Ocular Immunology & Inflammation, 2018; 00(00): 1-8.

Funding: The authors reported no conflict of interest in the completion of this study.

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